Friday, 6 November 2009

Shakespearean Sonnet - 2008

A twitch? Or did the corners of her lips
Contrive to meet (and since rebuffed, fall slack)?
I join green eyes in gazing at these tips
Of toes that bow, as if they fear attack.
I came to speak and say it all, a rock,
But now, a pebble in the turning tide,
My course reversed, I wait, take breath and stock,
Then flee with silent words left unreplied.
The moment's gone, and yet I see it still.
'Twixt past and present the future's never found.
I trust one day that I will have my fill,
And from the bonds of yearning be unbound.
To risk and lose, my boy, will serve you best,
Omission's sin resolves if you confess.

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